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Free Sales Valuation

Click can provide you with a free market appraisal for your property. This can be done virtually via video call or traditionally, in house. One of our local experts will determine the most accurate value of your property. We will provide you with direct market comparable's and provide you with your very own, unique marketing plan.



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Choosing the right solicitors can be the difference between a sale going through and a sale falling through. Conveyancing quotes generally vary between £1000-£2000. The fee charged is dependent on a number of factors, such as whether or not the property is leasehold or freehold, a new build, is there a gifted deposit and the reputation of the solicitors firm etc...

It's always good to choose a solicitors firm who are locally based to the property in which you are purchasing as they are familiar with the common issues that may arise in that area. Click have partnered up with a few of our trusted and tested local solicitors, to ensure that your sale/purchase progresses as smooth and quick as possible.

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If you would like to arrange for an independent surveyor to assess the property and give you a better understanding in more detail. The cost of the survey will depend on the type of survey in which you opt for:

A condition report – basic report which is ideal for new build properties. Approximately £300.

A homebuyer’s report – this report is a lot more detailed but doesn’t take structure into account. This is ideal for flats. Approximately £600.

A full structural survey – this report is very extensive and will cover everything including structure, electric, gas, garden etc. This is recommended for freehold properties, especially if they are from an older era, i.e Victorian or Edwardian or 1930’s. Approximately £1000 - £1500.

Click are able to arrange this on your behalf, if you wish so.

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Click have partnered up with an independent mortgage advisor who will be able to assist you with your financial arrangements, whether or not your are selling, buying or both.

It's recommended to speak with our advisor, as he has access to the whole lending market and can generally find you a better deal.

The Selling Process

Guiding you from the beginning to the end, with every step along the way explained.

The Selling process

Free valuation

Click can provide you with a free market appraisal for your property. This can be done virtually via video call or traditionally, in house. One of our local experts will determine the most accurate value of your property. We will provide you with direct market comparable's and provide you with your very own, unique marketing plan.


Instructing Click couldn't be any easier. Signing the instruction form can be completed virtually or in person and only takes a matter of minutes.. Having partnered up with an independent local solicitors firm, we can ensure that your paperwork is ready to go when we find you, your buyer. This will save you a couple of weeks later on during the process.


Upon instruction, Click will take professional photo's and video's of your property and create an eye catching bespoke property description. We will advise you on how to improve your properties appearance in order to attract a wider audience. With your consent, we will erect a 'FOR SALE' board outside your property. We will use modern marketing methods such as Zoopla, Primelocation and social media to give your property the maximum exposure that

it deserves.


Prospective buyers are able to view your property, either in person or via video call. If your property is currently tenanted, we will liaise with your current tenants and provide them with 24 hours notice before each viewings. All viewings are carried out in line with government covid guidelines.

Offers & Negotiations

Every offer received will be financially qualified by our independent financial advisor, to ensure that your prospective buyer is financially capable of their offer. Clear communication is key from the outset. All offers will be confirmed verbally and in writing. 

Conveyancing & Completing your sale

When opting for our management service, you will be assigned your very own personal agent, who you can contact should any issues arise.

Costs Involved When Selling Your Property

Costs involved when selling your property

Estate agent Fees

Fee’s vary depending on the agent in which you instruct and whether or not you opt for a sole agency or multi agency agreement. High street agents tend to charge vendors a commission percentage of the sold price. This commission percentage is usually between 1% and 2.5%. Click Property Management, being an online agent are able to charge flat fees with no commission.

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Law Firm

Solicitors Conveyancing Fee

The fee charged is dependent on a number of factors, such as whether or not the property is leasehold or freehold, whether or not the property is a new build and the quality of the solicitor firm. The general ball-park figure is between £1000 - £2000. Choosing a good solicitor is vital in ensuring a smooth transaction.

Energy Performance Certificate

EPC’s are mandatory with the sale of a property within the UK. EPC’s are valid for 10 years and generally cost between £60 - £100.

Family Real Estate

Existing & New Lenders Fee

Some lenders will charge you a penalty if you decide to break your existing mortgage agreement and move properties earlier than agreed. Each lender varies and everyone will have their own personal circumstances which will affect the fee charged.

Banks generally charge a fee to arrange the new mortgage agreement. This fee is usually between £0 - £3000 including the mortgage survey. We would recommend speaking with our independent mortgage advisor for further information.

Removal & Storage

This is dependent on how many personal belongings you wish to move/store. Removal and storage arrangements should be organised weeks in advance of completion but not before you exchange contracts.

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Captial Gains Tax 

If you are selling a property that you do not live in, then you may be liable to pay capital gains tax.

Professional Cleaning

This isn’t compulsory but it’s a nice way to part with your old home and ensure the new owners move into a

clean environment.

Cleaning Materials
  • If I go with your management service, who looks after my property during the tenancy?"
    Once the tenancy has begun, you will be dedicated your own personal property manager who will assist you throughout the tenancy. You will be given direct contact details to ensure that all processes are dealt with smoothly and quickly.
  • What is an EPC?
    EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. Every property advertised is legally required to have a valid EPC with a minimum rating of E. Once purchased, an EPC lasts for 10 years. If you need help, we can assist you in arranging one.
  • I want to rent my property, do I need permission from my mortgage provider?"
    You may need to get written permission from your mortgage provider, this is dependant on whether or not your mortgage agreement is a residential or buy to let mortgage. Some providers are more lenient than others. You can speak with our independent mortgage for more detailed advice.
  • How will I know that my tenants are looking after my property?
    We will carry out detailed inspections of your property every six months to ensure that your property is being looked after, just how you would. ​
  • What are the safety regulations regarding renting out my property?
    Every property will have different legal requirements, depending on the type of building and the fittings inside. Some of the basic regulations are an EPC Certificate, Gas Safety Certificate, Smoke Alarms on every floor, Carbon Monoxide alarms, Electrical Installation Condition Report etc.... We can tell you exactly what is required during our personal appraisal.
  • How are your fee's paid?
    Our lettings and management fee's are due upon your tenant successfully moving into the property. ​
  • Do you offer rental guarantee protection?
    We can provide you with this for a flat fee of £200 + VAT, subject to referencing tenants with our referencing company.
  • How can I present my property in the best possible light?
    Keeping your property clear of clutter and clean is an essential part of marketing your property. Opening blinds, turning on lights, opening windows and leaving the radio on are great additions in setting the mood when your potential buyer/tenant views the property for the very first time.​
  • Should I have an open day and what exactly is it?
    Open days are when we arrange for a conveyor belt of prospective tenants or buyers to all view your property straight after one another. This technique promotes urgency and desire, however is only successful if your property is initially priced accurately.
  • Are you part of a Client Money Protection Scheme?
    Click Property Management offer Client Money Protection through Money Shield, click here to see a copy of the Client Money Protection Security Certificate. Please click here to view the Money Shield Scheme rules.
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