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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I go with your management service, who looks after my property during the tenancy?"
    Once the tenancy has begun, you will be dedicated your own personal property manager who will assist you throughout the tenancy. You will be given direct contact details to ensure that all processes are dealt with smoothly and quickly.
  • What is an EPC?
    EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. Every property advertised is legally required to have a valid EPC with a minimum rating of E. Once purchased, an EPC lasts for 10 years. If you need help, we can assist you in arranging one.
  • I want to rent my property, do I need permission from my mortgage provider?"
    You may need to get written permission from your mortgage provider, this is dependant on whether or not your mortgage agreement is a residential or buy to let mortgage. Some providers are more lenient than others. You can speak with our independent mortgage for more detailed advice.
  • How will I know that my tenants are looking after my property?
    We will carry out detailed inspections of your property every six months to ensure that your property is being looked after, just how you would. ​
  • What are the safety regulations regarding renting out my property?
    Every property will have different legal requirements, depending on the type of building and the fittings inside. Some of the basic regulations are an EPC Certificate, Gas Safety Certificate, Smoke Alarms on every floor, Carbon Monoxide alarms, Electrical Installation Condition Report etc.... We can tell you exactly what is required during our personal appraisal.
  • How are your fee's paid?
    Our lettings and management fee's are due upon your tenant successfully moving into the property. ​
  • Do you offer rental guarantee protection?
    We can provide you with this for a flat fee of £200 + VAT, subject to referencing tenants with our referencing company.
  • How can I present my property in the best possible light?
    Keeping your property clear of clutter and clean is an essential part of marketing your property. Opening blinds, turning on lights, opening windows and leaving the radio on are great additions in setting the mood when your potential buyer/tenant views the property for the very first time.​
  • Should I have an open day and what exactly is it?
    Open days are when we arrange for a conveyor belt of prospective tenants or buyers to all view your property straight after one another. This technique promotes urgency and desire, however is only successful if your property is initially priced accurately.
  • Are you part of a Client Money Protection Scheme?
    Click Property Management offer Client Money Protection through Money Shield, click here to see a copy of the Client Money Protection Security Certificate. Please click here to view the Money Shield Scheme rules.
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